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Change log

13 June 14 / 12:00 Johan Wiegel FH3 V1.3.8  
fix for https compatibility with FH_URL_HOST validator

thanks to kreatik

07 April 14 / 12:20 Johan Wiegel FH3 V1.3.8  
Added automatic use of -utf8 language file when available.
Update fr-utf8 language file

17 December 13 / 10:00 Johan Wiegel FH3 V1.3.7  
Update editor field to use CKEditor 4.3.1

- if you use the skin parameter, make sure the skin you use exists. (new default skin is called moono)
- We created 2 toolbars in the config.js of CKeditor (Default en Basic)

- altered class.Editor.php / class.FormHandler.php

17 October 13 / 09:50 Johan Wiegel FH3 V1.3.6  

28 November 12 / 10:20 Johan Wiegel FH3 v.1.3.5  
Bugfix Listfield
Altered storing comma separated values in db (now only separated by comma and not longer with comma+space
(class.Selectfield.php, class.Field.php and class.ListField.php)

06 April 12 / 08:40 Johan Wiegel FH3 v.1.3.4  
Added mimetypes for docx, xlsx and pptx

22 March 12 / 08:10 Johan Wiegel FH3 v.1.3.3  
Fixed bugs in dataTextField and in Ajax validator

thanx to Thomas Branius

Fixed bug when using negative date interval.
Thanx to Arno Nuyts

01 November 11 / 14:20 Johan Wiegel FH3 v.1.3.2  
Now the FormHandler object is passed to a custom validator as the second (not required) argument

14 October 11 / 13:00 Johan Wiegel FH3 v.1.3.1  
Update CKEditor to 3.6.2

20 September 11 / 10:50 Johan Wiegel FH3 v.1.3  
I altered the class.ImageConverter.php to keep transparancy while resizing a png.

05 August 11 / 07:50 Johan Wiegel FH3 v.1.3  
replaced calendar_popup.js

11 July 11 / 09:00 Johan Wiegel FH3 v.1.3  
Replaced FCKEditor by CKEDitor

1. added Default toolbar to config.js for backward comaptability
2. added filemanager from FCKeditor in order to maintain all functionality from FCK and to keep Browserfield working
(filemanager is outside the CKEditor directory so no problems with updating there)

In order to have CKeditor working in IE6 and IE7 you will need body tags arround your page!

CKEditor is not fully backwards compatible width FCKeditor. If you use the config array in the editorField you might need to change several configugaration names.
See CKeditor.com for documentation.

14 April 11 / 12:10 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.12  
fixed javascript issue FCKeditor and IE9 by altering the dialog.html in FCKeditor

04 April 11 / 13:40 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.12  
Fixed autocomplete javascript function to work with FF4

12 January 11 / 18:40 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.12  
fixed bug in jsDate fields

15 October 10 / 12:40 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.12  
Fixed bug that made it possible to submit a form in view mode.
Tanks to Marien


19 August 10 / 19:00 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.12  
Fixed bug parsing error style

16 August 10 / 10:40 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.12  
Fixed parsing of the field error style.
Now also accepts class='someclass' and class=someclass as excisting class.

14 August 10 / 13:10 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.12  
Fixed valid XHTML bug in setMaxLength.
Fixed jscalendar popup FF issue

28 July 10 / 13:30 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.12  
bug fix junctiontable, date was deleted in viewmode

15 July 10 / 12:20 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.12  
fixed big in class.field.php no longer trimming an array value

13 June 10 / 12:40 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.12  
added (bool) to validators ALPHA and ALPHANUM

18 May 10 / 12:30 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.12  
fixed typo in en language file
added mime type for docx

06 May 10 / 14:10 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.12  
Fixed backbutton bug.

thanks to Marco B in this toppic

04 May 10 / 15:00 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.12  
Replaced div in jsDateField and jsDateTextField with spans as suggested by Kreatik in this toppic

Added Romanion language file.
Thanks to Claudiu Lupu

Added config setting wheter to include overlib or not as suggested by Kreatik in this toppic

03 May 10 / 09:00 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.12  
fixed XHTML validation in help icon
fixed jsDateField and jsDateTextField for showing french text.

20 April 10 / 18:30 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.12  
Changed the way FCKeditor language is set because FCK does not have utf language files

thanks to Kreatik

14 April 10 / 15:10 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.12  
Fixed bug with custom error not parsing the mask correct.
Fixed AJAX validating, validating a datefield is not possible

05 April 10 / 07:40 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.12  
fixed bug in zh-hant-utf8 language file
update fr-utf8 langauge file
Fixed bug in selectfield
removed attribute name in form tag
altered page_back.js to use form id instead of form name

Thanks to Kreatik

02 March 10 / 07:50 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.11  
Fixed bug in addJunctionTable

01 March 10 / 13:30 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.10  
Fixed bug ajaxvalidator
Altered AJaxvalidator to use live function
Updated jQuery to 1.4.2
Added getDBValue

19 February 10 / 19:20 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.10  
added a argument bIncludeJS to jsDateField.
This way we can use jsDateField in multiple forms in one page

13 February 10 / 15:40 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.10  
Added posibilty to place %header% and %footer% in a template file used with setmask.

Thanks to John Doe

14 January 10 / 19:00 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.10  
made static oncorrect funtion possible
Added config setting for setFocus.
replaced split in class.uploadField.php by preg_split

31 December 09 / 07:50 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.10  
Fixed incorrect HTML in class.selectField.php

14 December 09 / 22:10 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.10  
fixed bug in class select field not holdoing multiple values on error

01 December 09 / 18:00 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.10  
added class error to textarea and select on error

20 November 09 / 08:10 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.10  
Completed german translation

Thanks to Thomas Branius

18 November 09 / 21:20 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.10  
fixed bug in cancel button.
thanks to Thomas Branius

09 November 09 / 21:20 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.10  
fixed bug in _FH_IP validator

09 October 09 / 09:20 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.10  
Added class error to the field on an error.
Changed Ajaxvalidator to use jQuery instead of prototype
Added parameter to EnableAjaxValidator to make it posible not to include the jquery library.
Added config setting for useTable.

07 October 09 / 15:20 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.9  
fixed validation on linked select fields

21 August 09 / 14:20 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.9  
Fixed bug in password validation in a multi page form.
Add function getLastSubmittedPage() same as getPage()
Changed manual description of getPage and getCurrentPage.

17 August 09 / 09:00 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.9  
Fixed bug in calendar_popup.js throwing JS error
Fixed Ajax custom validator on timeField causes JS error
replaced deprecated functions: ereg() ereg_replace()
Fixed bug Autocomplete only works on first form on a page

19 June 09 / 08:10 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.8  
fixed to bugs validation xhtml and rendering
in radiobutton en jsdatefield

16 June 09 / 19:00 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.8  
bug fix on checking an object


fixed bug in upload field in multipaged form

changed defaild fieldset mask

10 June 09 / 21:50 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.8  
Fixed AjaxValidator in dbFormhandler

08 April 09 / 15:20 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.8  
fixed bug in FCKeditor filemanager config
removed white space after contenttext in selectfield

01 March 09 / 12:00 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.8  
fixed bugs in AJAX validation.

changed include path defenition to work in windows environment.
changed default row mask to allow ajax working

24 February 09 / 15:10 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.8  
Added Doctype awareness
Added on the fly AJAX validation using the build in validators on select and text fields
Added variable %error_style% to the mask

Updated FCKEditor to latest version. (2.6.4)

Fixed several bugs.

02 December 08 / 10:00 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.7  
Bugfix captchafield.
It's not posible to have to captchafields in a form.(who needs that?) Returning a error when trying this.

01 December 08 / 07:50 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.7  
added fr-utf8 language file thanks to Kreatik

30 November 08 / 15:10 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.7  
changed the way a captcha image is placed in the form.
It now uses the defined mask.

27 November 08 / 16:10 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.7  
changed the way the FH_HELP_MASK is parsed. It's now possible to change the order of the parameters in a custom FH_HELP_MASK

12 November 08 / 14:40 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.6  
Fixed a bug in the FH_NOT_EMPTY validator indicationg 0 in a textfield as an empty field.

28 October 08 / 08:00 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.6  
Fixed listfield checkking for empty options.

23 October 08 / 15:20 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.6  
Replaced colorpicker by jscolor.
Added TextSelectField.
Added dbTextSelectField.
Fixed several bugs.

04 August 08 / 15:40 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.5  
fixed a bug in the jsdatefield.

04 July 08 / 15:40 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.5  
Bug fix

Fixed editor field not working in Opera browser

02 July 08 / 12:20 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.5  
Added ColorPicker field thanks to Rick den Haan

27 June 08 / 09:20 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.4  
- added function dbCheckbox
- added function dbRadioButton
- updated FCKeditor to version 2.6.2 (Firefox3 compatible)

26 June 08 / 19:40 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.3  
- Fixed issue no refreshing after delete.
- Fixed bug in the version of FCKeditor used, that can break file browser functionality, depending on server configuration.

- Solved security issue in ht e possibility to delete in broser and editor fields. Delete will now give a warning to the developer to secure the function before enabeling it.

Thanks to Rick den Haan

26 May 08 / 19:10 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.3  
Fixed missing require for class.SelectField.php in the dbLisField function in class.dbFormHandler.php

02 April 08 / 12:20 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.3  
Fixed a bug in the class.UploadField.php the paramater required in the config array was not working.

25 March 08 / 16:20 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.3  
Version 1.2.3

extra argument added to the listField()- and dbListField() functions to indicate whether the two selectfields should be stacked horizontally or vertically.

Thanks to Rick den Haan

19 March 08 / 09:50 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.2  
Fixed a chmod bug in class.UploadField.php

14 February 08 / 13:20 Johan Wiegel FH3 v1.2.2  
Version 1.2.2

- added function AutoCompleteAfter
- added function BrowserField
- added possibility to parse php in mask template
- updated FCKeditor to version 2.5.1
- updated class.Editor.php to use FCKeditor 2.5.1
- Fixed optgroup closing bug in selectfield
- Removed class.Mailer.php

28 March 07 / 11:00 Teye Heimans FH3-v1.2.1  
Added hungarian language file. Thanks for translating Zsolt Szalai!

16 January 07 / 15:50 Teye Heimans FH3-v1.2.1  
Removed dollar sign bug. Thanks Felix Kim!

10 January 07 / 11:30 Teye Heimans FH3-v1.2.1  
Removed the option disableOnSumit from the image button, it was not working. See also this topic: http://formhandler.net/topic/3504/imagebutton.html

10 January 07 / 10:50 Teye Heimans FH3-v1.2.1  
Removed bug from checkbox field. When a mask was used and the mask was not completly filled, it was not added to the field's output. Thanks josh!

09 January 07 / 16:00 Teye Heimans FH3-v1.2.1  
Removed bug from getValue method. See this topic:

Thanks Gene!

28 October 06 / 11:40 Teye Heimans FH3-v1.2.1  
Changed a setValue problem. See this topic (dutch):

07 August 06 / 10:30 Teye Heimans FH3-v1.2.1  
Updated class TimeField. 00:00 was by default selected, also when required was set to false and the empty option should be selected.

31 July 06 / 11:30 Teye Heimans FH3-v1.2.1  
- Updated the fckeditor version which is included with FormHandler
- Changed the catchErrors function so that it works again with custom error messages
- Changed the isURL validator

Some other small changes...

02 July 06 / 09:50 Teye Heimans FH3-v1.2.1  
Updated datefield. It is now possible to use negative values in the interval mask, to change the ordering of the year field (e.g. 1917 - 2016 instead of 2016 - 1917).

30 June 06 / 14:20 Teye Heimans FH3-v1.2.1  
Removed small javascript bug

23 June 06 / 11:40 Teye Heimans FH3-v1.2.1  
- Removed bug from error.inc.php.
- Updated the FCKeditor
- Removed bug from the maskLoader. dollar signs where removed from setValue strings.

01 April 06 / 11:40 Teye Heimans FH3-v1.2.1  
- Removed the onValidate function. It is now possible to create a form validation in your onCorrect function. See the manual for an example.
- Added extra argument which is passed to the onCorrect and the onSaved user defined functions: the formhandler object.

23 March 06 / 12:00 Teye Heimans FH3-v1.2  
Removed small bug from the mailer class.

22 March 06 / 19:00 Teye Heimans FH3-v1.2  
Oops.. I accidently removed the isvalid function of the passfield while trying to fix this bug: http://formhandler.net/index.php?pg=9&id=3329

Sorry for that.. It's working again now (the validation). Thanks Ferdinant Visser for the tip!!

21 March 06 / 22:40 Teye Heimans FH3-v1.2  
Updated the FCKeditor to version 2.2. Note: this version does not support the MCPUK browser anymore (so FormHandler doesn't either!)

21 March 06 / 15:20 Teye Heimans FH3-v1.2  
Updated language files. Also translated "Help", displayed in the help messages.

13 March 06 / 15:20 Teye Heimans FH3-v1.2  
* Removed some small bugs (Thanks Filippo Toso!). See topic http://formhandler.net/index.php?pg=9&id=3355
* Updated Frech language file (Thanks Duffaut)
* Removed typo from config file. FH_DEFUALT_USEARRAYKEY Should be FH_DEFAULT_USEARRAYKEY. (Thanks Duffaut!)

12 March 06 / 10:30 Teye Heimans FH3-v1.2  
Updated frans language file (Thanks Vincent!)

09 March 06 / 11:30 Teye Heimans FH3-v1.2  
Updated dbFormHandler.php. Had a small SQL bug ( use of != operator instead of <>)

07 March 06 / 10:30 Teye Heimans FH3-v1.2  
Removed some bugs from the mailer class.

02 March 06 / 12:00 Teye Heimans FH3-v1.2  
Removed backslash bug (see this topic: http://formhandler.net/?pg=9&id=3198)
Updated class.MaskLoader.php

01 March 06 / 10:50 Teye Heimans FH3-v1.2  
Removed bug from the PostgreSQL database class. There was no ID returned after an insert query. Thanks Johan Wiegel for reporting and solving this bug!

21 February 06 / 13:10 Teye Heimans FH3-v1.2  
- Removed bug from tablesettings. You had to give integers als argument otherwise the default options are used. Changed this so that strings are also allowed (but the value still has to be numeric!)

14 February 06 / 10:20 Teye Heimans FH3-v1.2  
Removed warning from uploadfield:
Warning (8): class.UploadField.php at 474 Undefined index: *

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