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[ This topic is unsolved! ]

  Thomas Branius 13 February 16 / 16:40  
Changed at 14 February 16 / 10:57

I'm very happy about development goes on. But I very disappointed with the way how it is done. The old interface will be completely ignored, even though there are many who set exactly on this interface.

I was hoping that is still available through the lagacy variant everything. But unfortunately that's nocht way. Many methods are marked with "No alternative exist". Even the editor !!!

Why has to be done differently immediately getting everything !?

The new interface I find much better. But why all have to be converted with once time? And again: In my opinion it's worse that many fields are left! (Even those who I introduced like dataTextField :-( )

  Thomas Branius 14 February 16 / 10:57  
Changed at 14 February 16 / 10:58

  Marien (Admin) 06 May 16 / 15:38  
Hi Thomas,

This is due to the vision to introduce all basic field properly plus development time needed to keep supporting the fields you mention.

At this moment it is very easy to introduce new field types by creating your own class which extends the FormHandler\Field\Field class.



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