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[ This topic is solved ]

  Thomas Branius 18 July 15 / 19:07  

what about sale of fh?

I'm very disapponted about devolopment of fh. It's a great tool but without development, it will go down :-(

  Johan Wiegel (Admin) 18 July 15 / 21:11  
Hello Thomas,

I think the news item is clear.
I don't have the time to develop on FormHandler.
So of someone want to continue it he or she can contact me.

You are welcome to continue the project.

  Thomas Branius 19 July 15 / 21:45  
Did anyone answer your question and want to buy it?

Make it open source. Then fh will go on. Otherwise fh will die :-(

  Johan Wiegel (Admin) 20 July 15 / 07:11  
No one answerd.
I'll think about making it open source.


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