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[ This topic is unsolved! ]

  Henk klaasen 26 February 15 / 12:44  

If i add a diaeresis somewhere in the email, i cant send the email. How can i solve this?

Thanks for

  Johan Wiegel (Admin) 26 February 15 / 13:03  
FormHandler handles only the form.
What code do you use to send the emial?

  Henk klaasen 26 February 15 / 14:54  
it are 3 pages with forms.
First selecting people
second make e-mail (add subject and content)
third form is a page to confirm subject, content and people, so not really a form

when there are diaeresis in the page, the send function doesnt load (which must be fired when onCorrect is true).


ive searched in the isCorrect and the isValid funciton.
The isString and isText functions return 0 when there is a diaeresis in the $value
function IsString($value){
return preg_match("/^[^\x-\x1F]+$/", $value);
function IsText($value){
return preg_match("/^([^\x-\x1F]|[\r\n\t])+$/", $value);
these functions return 0.
when i add return 1; before the return, the value is correct, but then the value is empty.

  Johan Wiegel (Admin) 26 February 15 / 14:58  
The sending is done in the send function.
What is the code for the send function?
Thats going wrong.

  Henk klaasen 26 February 15 / 15:33  
function send($data) {
echo '<pre>';print_r($data);exit;
but the function send isnt called when there are diaeresis in the content or subject

  Johan Wiegel (Admin) 26 February 15 / 15:39  

function FH_SEND$aData )
print_r$aData );

$form = new FormHandler(); 

$form->textArea("Description""description"FH_TEXT,  ""''"class='s'");
// send the form to the screen 
$form->onCorrect'FH_SEND' );
$form -> flush(); 

is working for me

  Henk klaasen 26 February 15 / 16:20  
I see that the problem is in the last form / confirm page
the code:

$form->addHTML("<h1>Leden mailen (Controle en verzenden)</h1>");

$form->borderStart("Te versturen email");
$addressString = "<b>Aan :</b><br/>";
if ((count($form->value("persons"))>0) && ($form->value("Onderwerp")!= "") && ($form->value("Bericht")!= ""))
foreach ($form->value("persons") as $id)
$addressString .= $personenData[$id][0]. " [".$personenData[$id][1]."]<br/>";
$form->addHTML("<tr><td> </td><td colspan='3' valign='top'>".$addressString."</td></tr>");

$form->addHTML("<tr><td> </td><td colspan='2' valign='top'><b>Onderwerp : </b><br/>".$form->value("Onderwerp")." [ verzonden via ]</td></tr>");
$form->addHTML("<tr><td></td><td colspan='3' valign='top'><b>Bericht : </b><br/>".nl2br($form->value("Bericht"))."</td></tr>");

$form->setMask("<tr>\n<td> </td>\n<td> </td>\n<td>%field% %field%</td>\n</tr>\n");
$form->SubmitButton("This is correct -> send");

when i click "This is correct -> send", i stay at this page when there is a diaeresis in the content.
but when i skip this summary form page, the form will be send.

  Henk klaasen 02 March 15 / 13:55  

Have you found a solution for this problem in the meantime?
I want to hold the confirm page. :)


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