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[ This topic is solved ]

  Edward Traveller 27 August 14 / 14:42  
Hello, first off may I congratulate you all on this system. Very effective and usable, so long as one reads the manual :)

What I would like is to be able to do is use the ajax validator process but specify some fields as permitted to be blank on submit.

Have I missed this ability?

Reason: This is an intranet system and completing [therefore creating and subsequently editing] a new product record requires information from several sources which usually come in in bits and pieces over a week or so.

Again, nice program


  Johan Wiegel (Admin) 27 August 14 / 14:44  
Seems to me the normal validators are working with ajaxvalidation as wel

so _FH_EMAIL, is not required but when filled it should be email?

  Edward Traveller 27 August 14 / 15:03  
Thanks for the very prompt response.

Forgive me, but what would I need to add to a normal textField call to allow blank submission? The completed data in this case would be normal text with spaces permitted, others could be numeric including float.


$form->textField('Component Description', 'comp_001', ????? , 80, 60);

I've tried several options but still get "caught" by the ajax validator. I accept I may be making a mistake, if so apologies.


  Johan Wiegel (Admin) 27 August 14 / 15:05  
null ???

  Edward Traveller 27 August 14 / 15:13  
Opps, now that's embarrassing, I should remember to apply William of Ockham's "razor" shouldn't I.

Thanks again.



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