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29 December 2015 - Work done on FormHandler version 4

Last couple of days I have been working on a new iteration of FormHandler. This version keeps the principle of the original framework, but the fields, buttons and validators become much more individual objects. Also there is an improved version of linking fields. However truely linking fields is quite difficult, especially with keeping the HTML form in sync with the PHP part. So linking fields needs to be redeveloped (again). 

I have also introduced a legacy project FormHandler/FormHandler-legacy on GitHub to have some backwards compatibility with the old style of FormHandler. It is currently used in a large project which cannot be refactored easily. It is not recommend to use the legacy project, but feel free to test your project and ease the implementation of FormHandler version 4.

Please use the most recent version available on GitHub (or better install it through Composer). If you have any issues, please post a question on GitHub.

17 December 2015 - New update FormHandler v3.3.8

We would like to announce the immediate availability of FormHandler version 3.3.8.

Main points for this release are:

  • FormHandler is installable through Composer
    More information at Packagist
  • Code moved in the 'src' directory, please keep in mind if you do a manual installation.
  • Updated embedded README
  • Changed how files are included. If you are not using Composer please note that you have to include class.Formhandler.php and class.Yadal.php if you use class.dbFormHandler.php. 

This will also be the last release for the 3.3 version. Only updates will appear when there are critical security updates.

Source code can be downloaded from GitHub, but Composer is now the recommended way of installation.

08 December 2015 - New project owner

I am happy to announce that the project has a new owner. Let me introduce myself, my name is Marien and I live in the Netherlands. I am a professional PHP developer for 8 years. Since the start I have been using the FormHandler framework on a daily base. Since FormHandler has some short comings I have been writing a custom version of the FormHandler framework. However this version is a bit tailored to the application I have been using it with.

My plan is to create a FormHandler version 4 which breaks compatibility with version 3. This new version will be modernized and implement current coding standards. The code is available at GitHub and the development will be committed there. The URL is https://github.com/FormHandler/FormHandler

If you want to help, have ideas or patches feel free to contact me through the contact form. I am also looking for extra maintainers to speed up development work.

Happy PHP'ing!

17 December 2013 - New update FH3 v1.3.7

Update editor field to use CKEditor 4.3.1

- if you use the skin parameter, make sure the skin you use exists. (new default skin is called moono)
- We created 2 toolbars in the config.js of CKeditor (Default en Basic)

Thanks to Kreatik for sharing this.

17 October 2013 - New update FH3 v1.3.6

Hi there again.

After a long time we finally found some time to spend on FH3.
Today a new version.

Fixed a bug using a charset != UTF8 with PHP >= 5.4
Thanks to Thomas Branius who provided us with this fix in january.

Updated CKeditor to v3.6.6.1

Added MySQLi to Yadal

Fixed a bug to maskloader thanks to Björn Brala


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